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Cat Glennie is a spiritual life coach. Her work is about helping people understand and apply spiritual principles in their quest for material success. Cat says this about how it all started 30 years ago:

‘In the early 80′s I used to take my old car to a chap called Mannie for repair. He was 40 and active and so I was stunned when he unexpectedly died of a heart attack. I remember standing in the reception experiencing a total life rethink. I saw myself standing before God accounting for MY life – and I didn’t like what I saw. I became filled with a burning desire to live a life that I would be proud of, to live God’s highest plan for me whatever it took. My life really changed then. I started taking big risks and stretching out towards my dreams. Since then I have started businesses, written four books, and given talks and seminars all over the world. But most important of all, I, as a single parent was able step up my game to give my children the best education money could offer, and an empowering philosophy of life.’

Cat’s spiritual teachings started when she wrote a note to God in 2001. At the time she was running a business in personal development and empowerment workshops for business, and writing a column on motivation for a Cape Town based newspaper.

In the note she said: ‘Dear God, I am ready to unravel the mysteries of life. Teach me and I will teach others’

This note wasn’t planned or even thought out. She was busying herself around the house when it simply arrived in her consciousness. She just said yes to the impulse, grabbed pen and paper and wrote it down.She still has that scribbled note in my papers, and looking back she see that this was a holy moment. We all have them. They take place when we align ourselves to our Soul stream. Sometimes that alignment happens by grace and other times by personal choice, however if we say a full yes to a holy moment, it takes our lives to a new level in remarkable way, and that’s exactly what happened to her.

What followed in the days, weeks and months was miraculous. In fact her entire life path changed completely. A whole stream of ideas which previously she would have dismissed out of hand, became concrete possibilities, which she now entertained with seriousness, especially a notion that success could be as easy as riding a river. For the first time in her life business started to come to her without undue effort. She received surprise calls and requests for her services that ended in no hassle commissions.

By June of that year she had been guided to shut her office and work from home. She decided to take time off and simply make her mind available to write about this notion of riding the river. On the first day she sat down at her desk with not the foggiest idea of what she was going to write . But as she started to type it felt like a funnel opened above her head and ideas flowed into her fingers.Soon she was typing about things she had never thought of before, never knew of. Soon her mind was integrating years of prayer, reading and insight. Most surprising of all was that she was writing about the Soul and Spirit.She was writing how, by aligning yourself to your Soul stream, the right success can flow easily to you!

Since that time Cat has learned how to apply the concepts of Ride the River, the book on how to align to your Soul stream. She has discovered and developed a simple set of body based techniques, (which magically shift stucknes and bring about miracles).  Her ideas are fresh and relevant and go to the heart of the problem many people experience when trying to re-invent their lives and uplift their situation – especially when it comes to money matters.  That makes her work exciting and worth considering.

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