Coaching Sessions

These are private sessions, face to face and/or on the phone.

  • The sessions are not therapy. They are designed to help you determine and achieve your life goals, in particular the high dream that the Soul holds for you.  Multiple methods are used to help with this process, but these sessions are not targeted at psychological illness, and I am not a therapist nor consultant.  As a coach I observe the information given by your body postures, combined with intuitive information that flows to me, to understand where you are at  From there I drawa on universal principles to help you get in line with your Soul-Stream – and personal power.
  • For the purposes of these sessions the Soul is considered as a field of higher knowledge, a field that has information about your ideal life path and all the options that you face along the way. It is a wise all knowing part of you that is available to you if you will open yourself to it. The sessions teach you how. When we come together to have a session we work with the intention of accessing this higher information.
  • As the Soul, in this way of thinking about it, communicates via sensations in the body.  Feelings are considered signals from the Soul and Soul Coaching encourages participants to encounter and acknowledge these in a healthy and useful way.  More feelings.  Less mind.



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