Cat Glennie is South Africa’s premier manifestation coach.  She offers a new but completely common sense teaching on the age old (and often frustratingly illusive) topic of manifestation.

Manifestation is a word that refers to goal achievement in practice, but it implies a mystical aspect  that points to a process involving more than one’s own personal effort – an idea that is both exciting and daunting at the same time!  Having contemplated and worked at this causative level for many years, Cat has a lot to offer.

Her teachings debunk the mystery, and place the full potential of this approach to achieving life goals within every person’s power. So simple is her approach, that it all comes down to a series of body-based tools and hey presto, things start happening.

Cat thinks of manifestation as the process of setting aligned intentions, and then allowing the Divine Life Force to flow through one, to bring them to life. Part of that process is allowing – and that’s the most difficult part. Her favourite saying is that if it is not in your life, a part of you doesn’t want it.

Cat specialises in helping people dissolve that subliminal stuckness.

It is time for you to ride the river!